What to do if my tenant has moved their partner in

Where do I stand if my tenant has moved a partner in?  Is my tenant allowed to move their partner in?  Can a tenant legally move someone else into a

How can I evict a tenant legally?

How can I evict a difficult tenant?  My tenant is refusing to leave the property – what can I do?  My tenant is ignoring my notice.  My tenant will not

What do I do if my tenant changed the locks?

I cannot get into my property as my tenant has changed the locks, where do I stand? This is quite an emotive issue, and not one that has any ‘hard

How do I choose a good tenant?

As a landlord, attracting a good quality tenant is important.  A good tenant is not necessarily just based on paying the rent on time; it’s more than that.  A good

What can I do if my tenant abandons my property?

If your tenant(s) leaves the property they are renting before the tenancy has ended and without advising you the landlord or your agent, this is known as abandonment. This is

What happens if my tenant dies?

SOMETIMES landlords find themselves dealing with tragic events which can throw up myriad practical issues to deal with you may not have been expecting. We hope you will never have

What happens if my tenant stops paying the rent?

What would you do if your tenant suddenly stopped paying the rent?  This is the number one concern for landlords!  Especially if you have a mortgage to pay and other

What to do if your tenant has a pet without permission?

You go to visit your tenants to carry out an inspection and make sure that they are happy and comfortable in the property – and you are greeted at the