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Should I Manage My Property or Use a Letting Agent?

We believe there are two types of buy-to-let owners and these are “Landlords” and “Investors”. First off, you need to decide what role you want to have, do you want to be a “Landlord” or would you prefer to be an “Investor”? We see the role of a Landlord as someone...

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Should I choose the agent with the cheapest fees?

Have you ever bought something because it was cheap and then it didn’t last very long or it didn’t really do what it was supposed to? Well, don’t do that when choosing your letting agent. You will naturally be attracted to the opportunity to save a few pounds and who...

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Should I allow my tenant to paint?

When it comes to decorating your investment property, we always recommend painting in light neutral colours (cream or white).  Neutral colours are a safe option and will more than likely suit every tenant and their furniture. However, once your tenant has moved in, do...

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How can I find out if my tenant is subletting?

It is not uncommon to hear of tenants subletting their rental property – either a bedroom to make extra money or the whole property for more rent than they are paying. This can cause you, the landlord with big problems.  You will not know who is residing in the...

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Ten Top Tips on how to choose a buy to let property

It is very important that when choosing a buy-to-let investment property you allow your head to rule your heart. Your investment property needs to appeal to a variety of people and not necessarily you.  You might like floral patterns and prefer to live in the...

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How can I prove my tenants have left?

We received a telephone call this week from Brian who is a landlord, and he asked the following question: “I am a landlord, and I think my tenants have just up and left. They have stopped paying the rent, and their mobile numbers no longer work. I am aware that in...

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