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Ten Top Tips on how to choose a buy to let property

It is very important that when choosing a buy-to-let investment property you allow your head to rule your heart. Your investment property needs to appeal to a variety of people and not necessarily you.  You might like floral patterns and prefer to live in the...

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How can I prove my tenants have left?

We received a telephone call this week from Brian who is a landlord, and he asked the following question: “I am a landlord, and I think my tenants have just up and left. They have stopped paying the rent, and their mobile numbers no longer work. I am aware that in...

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Should I pay for a property inventory?

Having an Inventory and Schedule of Condition report is almost as vital as a signed tenancy agreement. Would you let your property without asking for a deposit?  The obvious answer is no, however, by not having an inventory, you may as well not collect a deposit. An...

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How long will it take to find a tenant?

One of the biggest fears you will have when letting your property, is it being empty with no rent coming in – if you have no tenants then it is going to start costing you money, particularly if you have a mortgage to repay. The most common question that we are asked...

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