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Should I rent my property furnished or unfurnished?

Now before you decide whether to spend the day at Ikea, getting hopelessly lost and frustrated (but if you do, winner: cheap meatballs!) Your decision should really be made by your target tenant market rather than your personal tolerance to shopping and flat-pack...

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What consents and permissions do I need to let my property?

Before you commit to the hard work of getting your property ready to let, start by making sure that you are actually allowed to let the property. You might take the view of it's your property and I can do want, but that is not necessarily the case. Unless you love to...

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What really is Below Market Value and how can you achieve it?

What really is Below Market Value? The term Below Market Value is often misused, particularly by estate agents and developers. They make a property deal, look a lot better by marketing it as Below Market Value. You need to make sure the property you are purchasing is...

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What are rental yields and how can I use them?

Yields Explained... We are going to go back to the basics and explain some essential property calculations, and these are, Gross yield, Net yield and Return on Investment. Whether you are new to property investment and are interested in buying for the first time or if...

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Should I Manage My Property or Use a Letting Agent?

We believe there are two types of buy-to-let owners and these are “Landlords” and “Investors”. First off, you need to decide what role you want to have, do you want to be a “Landlord” or would you prefer to be an “Investor”? We see the role of a Landlord as someone...

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