Unfortunately there are occasions when a tenant fails to pay their rent and landlords without a Rent Guarantee insurance policy may be in for a shock. Not only is there the loss of rent to consider but also the costs involved in the eviction.

If you have a Rent guarantee insurance policy then you can rest easy and make a claim and ensure your rental income is safe. The insurer will chase the tenant for the shortfall and if necessary issue the relevant Notices for eviction together with court action.

The cost implications for any landlord that doesn’t have a Rent Guarantee insurance policy in place can be awful, especially if there is a mortgage in place and the rent is replied upon to help make the monthly repayments.

PMS Lettings offer a great product to protect your rent.

Our Rent Guarantee insurance policy includes the following benefits;

  • NIL Excess
  • Rent payable until Vacant Possession
  • Cover up to £2500 per month
  • £50000 Legal Costs in order to obtain Vacant Possession
  • 6 or 12 month Tenancies
  • No involvement in Claims Process
  • Excellent Benefits

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